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Bitcoin Magazine

Dec 6, 2019

Colin, Michael and Brandon gauge the ethical and political ramifications of Virgil Griffith's talk at the Pyongyang blockchain conference--with a surprise drop in by BTC Inc's CEO, David Bailey, on why his arrest sets a dangerous precedent for anyone working in crypto. On a more positive political note, the team also...

Dec 4, 2019

To celebrate the holiday season, this episode of the Weekly Bits podcast covers two programs focused on accelerating bitcoin-based giving. Peter is joined by Bitcoin Magazine associate editor Colin Harper to discuss two of his recent stories — the first dedicated to GiveBitcoin and its effort to help Bitcoiners...

Dec 2, 2019

"If we continue down this road where we have no privacy and governments and corporations know every single thing about us because of these surveillance devices we're all carrying around in our pockets, technology becomes our only hope really."

- Bruce Fenton

In this episode, Bitcoin Magazine staff writer, Vlad Costea,...