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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Our guest this week is Mustafa Yilham, Global Business Development at China based group Bixin. Mustafa was previously director of business development at Huobi and a partner at the Hong Kong based quant fund and finance firm Amber Group. Bixin is a major player in the mining space with over 300 MW and in the wallet space with one of the most popular consumer wallets in China and operates a bitcoin denominated crypto fund of funds of about 6k BTC. At Bixin Mustafa manages international allocation for that 6k Bitcoin fund of funds as well as its mining operation development outside of China and global partnerships. We discuss the differences between Asia and Western based hedge funds, risk management in allocating capital for Bixin’s varied business lines, the trends he is seeing in the mining space, particularly the decentralization of hash power outside of China, and more.